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Why Website Conversion Optimization Services for Low Traffic, Low Conversion Websites should include Serial Testing

Content marketing is the first step in driving traffic to your website. The next step is to convert that traffic into leads. If you have a low traffic, low conversion website, however, any website conversion optimization services should employ serial testing.

What is conversion optimization?

Conversion optimization is the process of systematically testing the points on your website where you ask visitors to take action. That action can include signing up for a newsletter, downloading a piece of content, or making a purchase.

Why is conversion optimization important?

The chart below illustrates how your company can quadruple its revenue from Web leads with only a 1% increase in conversion rate.

Note how this hypothetical company’s monthly visitors and revenue per customer don’t change. But through conversion optimization, it gets a 1% bump in how many visitors become leads and in how many leads become new customers. A small change with powerful results.

Example of the benefits of conversion optimization

The problem: Traditional conversion optimization services don’t fit low traffic, low conversion sites

Conversion optimization has typically been the domain of heavily trafficked websites that also get a high number of conversions (think They use methodologies like A/B testing, split-testing and multivariate testing.

But if your site get less than 300 to 400 conversions a month, these methodologies aren’t worthwhile. You’d have to let the test run for months or years to get a statistically valid result.

The solution: Serial testing

With serial testing, you make a targeted, fundamental change to your website, and then let the “test” run for 2-6 weeks. If you achieve an BIG improvement in conversions — over 25-30% — you can allow the change to remain.

Fundamental changes are more than just changing the color of a call-to-action button. They can include:

  • A significant redesign of the page or site
  • A complete change in the information architecture (moving from a five-step checkout to a single page, for example)
  • Changing the actual offer

A qualitative, not quantitative method of conversion optimization

Remember, your improvements won’t be statistically valid, as with A/B testing. They are qualitative, which is why you need a significant lift to show that the change was likely the cause. Then you must monitor the conversion rate over time to see if it remains consistent.

What does a successful serial test look like?

Blog posts we produced for one client were drawing excellent traffic, but few conversions. With our serial test, we changed the client’s call-to-action free offer from a free informational guide to an interactive vision quiz.

Before serial testing for conversion optimization

after serial testing for conversion rate optimization

We soon saw the kind of significant lift you want with serial testing. Our client got a 188% increase from the previous quarter in conversions.

Results of serial testing for conversion rate optimization

How does Winbound help you conduct serial testing and optimize your website?

Winbound will help you through our 3-step process:

  1. Audit your site using Google Analytics and other tools to discover the potential “barrier” points that are preventing people from converting.
  2. Set up a serial test with a fundamental change
  3. Monitor and report on results

Serial testing, analytics, and back-end SEO support are all part of our Conversion Optimization Package

Our Conversion Optimization Package is ideal for content marketers who produce content on their own, but need help with conversion optimization, analytics, SEO and keyword research.

The package includes:

  • Serial testing
  • Google analytics set-up, consultation and reporting
  • SEO, including site maintenance and keyword research
  • Integration with content marketing strategy

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