The online presence you want.
The leads your sales team needs.

Get both from the manufacturing marketing agency that aligns sales and marketing with our Digital Twin framework.

“The results are phenomenal.”

Greg Whitman

Vice President of Sales and Engineering

If you’re a manufacturer or B2B company that relies on sales to drive new business, do these problems sound familiar?

Your old ways of cold-calling and trade shows just aren’t generating leads like they used to.

You know you need to create an
online presence, but you don’t know where to start.

You’ve had limited success at outsourcing digital marketing or building your own team in-house.

Your competition is going gangbusters on their digital, and you need to keep pace.

It’s your fetal-position moment.

Are you going to get up off the carpet?

With our proven Digital Twin framework,
you’ll get digital marketing that delivers:

Qualified leads that sales will love.

Conversion funnel graphic

A web presence that acts like a sales funnel.

Your message delivered consistently, so you’re there when customers are ready to buy.

Bullhorn graphic
Two figures pointing at rising lines on a chart

Sales and marketing alignment, from strategy to shared goals.

No monthly contract or long-term commitment required.

Graphic showing the word "contract" crossed out

While we specialize in manufacturers, our approach works for all B2B companies.

“The results are phenomenal.

The lead generation is huge, but the actual qualified leads is 2:1 what we were getting before.”

Greg Whitman

Vice President of Sales and Engineering, Spuncast

Increase in qualified leads

“We’ve worked with Winbound for years

and watched our keyword rankings and, ultimately, sales soar.”

Wendy Stromberg

Marketing Director, Delta ModTech

Increase in website traffic

“Winbound’s knowledge of what works

on the web and personal approach to learning your business and customer base is truly amazing.”

Bret Buelo

Marketing Director, Wick Buildings

growth in organic traffic over 3 years

“Winbound’s creativity, insights, experience,

integrity and pure genius have moved our business into a pattern of strong continuous growth, even in economic downturns.”

Kim Jelinske

Business Manager, The Vision Therapy Center

new leads in two years

A person wearing a tie is displayed on a computer monitor. The same figure leans out from behind the monitor giving a thumbs up.

Schedule a one-on-one meeting to see how the Digital Twin approach can work for you…

…or you can go to our Approach and Pricing page to learn more.

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