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An Over 300% Increase in Quality Traffic and Conversions Just Part of the Story for Delta ModTech

Delta ModTech is loaded with some of the most brilliant manufacturing minds in the converting industry.  But with only a two-person marketing team, marketers Wendy Stromberg and Dave Grenwis knew they had to look beyond their own ranks for help.

Wendy Stromberg and Dave Grenwis of Delta ModTech

Wendy Stromberg and Dave Grenwis of Delta ModTech

Challenge: How to tackle big objectives with a small marketing team

The company had just launched a new website, but now they found themselves faced with challenges similar to many manufacturing organizations:

  • SEO and social media: How could they get their new website noticed by search engines and on social media?
  • Marketing channels: How could new leads be generated beyond trade shows?
  • Lower cost per acquisition:  How could more leads be generated for lower expense?

Ultimately, Delta ModTech wanted to increase their digital reach. “But we knew as a small marketing team our own time and resources were limited,” said Dave Grenwis. 

Solution: Generating strategic content throughout the Customer Journey

Delta ModTech reached out to Winbound, as our content marketing approach and service is uniquely tailored for small manufacturing marketing departments.

To create a content marketing strategy, we started by looking at the big picture, and considering the whole of the customer journey.  The journey began at the “top of the funnel” – speaking specifically to customer problems.  

Consider the Customer Journey

Content was created around the top of funnel (TOF), optimized to match strategic keywords. That would assure relevance with search engines, yes. But it was only half the battle.

Using collaborative content to get noticed by search engines

Google and other search engines rank pages based on relevance.  But they also look at a website’s authority, which is gauged in part by how many other websites link to the page.

Asking someone to link to your page isn’t easy, but through Winbound’s collaborative content process, it became much more organic.

The company reached out to their partners and other macro- and micro-influencers, interviewing them and integrating their insights into the content.  This can take the form of audio interviews or simply pull quotes.

The influencers, in turn, shared the content through their social networks and linked back to the site. 

An audio influencer interview

An audio influencer interview.

Results: More quality inbound links help drive higher ranking product pages and contribute 350% increase in leads

The strategy worked and continues to work.  Links from TOF content have helped Delta ModTech build keyword rankings over time, especially for their top BOF pages, which have helped land some big deals. 

  RANK 1-3 RANK 4-10 RANK 11-20 TOTAL Keywords Rank 1-100
2016 Q1  2 17 36 260
2021 Q1 60 152 239 1,903


Naturally, these keywords resulted in improved traffic. 

Year  Organic Traffic (sessions)   % Change 
2015  12,586  
2020  57,429        356%*

*From 2015.

What’s particularly important for these keyword rankings is that we’ve also created helpful top of funnel content.  The post noted below is informational, and has driven nearly a thousand backlinks from 35 different domains.

That, in turn, has helped some of Delta ModTech’s most important product pages rank #1!

Which in turn, has generated a significant increase in conversions on the key product pages.  That means more leads for the sales team. 

  Conversions  % Change





*First year recorded

Winbound also helped to improve conversion rates on pages, running tests on key landing tests and implementing changes. The testing methodology resulted in 25% lift in conversions on all key landing pages.

Impact beyond the results

Beyond the quantifiable results, Delta ModTech finds the relationship with Winbound has yielded other “huge” benefits.

What comes out of our consulting dialogues is really valuable. We’re surrounded by ourselves, but Winbound doesn’t think the same way we do.

Wendy Stromberg

Delta ModTech

Also less quantifiable, but just as revealing, was a compliment paid to Delta ModTech by another digital marketing agency.  “She told us our website was going gangbusters,” Dave Grenwis said.

She’s right. Delta ModTech has successfully created another lead generation source, beyond trade shows.  They’ve improved their SEO and social media presence.  And while their cost per leads are similar to trade shows, improved tracking and even more strategic content could drive those CPAs even lower.

“This process is always evolving — you see new possibilities and opportunities,” said Wendy. “We’re looking forward to even better things to come.”

Find out if we can achieve the same kind of results for your business with a 30-minute, no-obligation discovery call.

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