About Winbound

Helping small marketing teams since 2014.

Winbound was created to fill a gap in the marketplace. With the rise of digital marketing, sales-driven B2B companies such as manufacturers were struggling to reach customers who were searching for solutions online. 

We created Winbound. With our strategic Digital Twin Sales and Marketing framework and highly-skilled specialists, we’ve become the fractional marketing team companies need to succeed in today’s digital age.  

Our Team

Greg Mischio

Founder – Strategist – Writer – Speaker

“After working for years as a freelancer and for other companies, I decided to create Winbound. I had been doing content marketing for a small group of clients and seeing great success. I knew more small marketing teams needed us.

We love the close relationships we build with clients. Beyond all the digital stuff, this is really all about helping people make genuine connections with other people.  And we’re big fans of people!” 

Loves: Family (wife Sharon, son Sam, daughter Anna, and a slew of pets) – movies (drama and superheroes) – dining out – books (business in the AM, fiction in the PM) – basketball (love to play, love to watch) – craft beer – great conversation – fun times. 

Sam Mischio

Sam Mischio

Customer Success Manager

“I am humbled and excited to be able to work for Winbound, a company that values every individual for what they bring to the table, and works to help them be the best version of themselves. 

The importance of alignment between sales and marketing cannot be overstated, and I am looking forward to creating that alignment with every client. Understanding of the humans involved in any situation is critical to the success of any mission, and I look forward to building and deepening relationships with all contributors so that we may maximize benefits at every step of the journey.”

Loves: My family (Dad – Greg, Mom – Sharon, Sister – Anna, Girlfriend – Shelby) – Holiday Gatherings – Watching and Playing Sports – Funny movies – Latin Music – Beach Vacations – Strong Coffee – Cold Beer on a Friday Night

Jason Sweet

Content Writer

“At Winbound, I’ve been able to combine writing and client attention (two things I love) with the power of data and strategy (two things small marketing teams are often missing).

Sure, we help companies create content that generates connections and results. But you know what really drives me? Being there for our clients so they can enjoy their jobs – and their lives – just a little bit more.” 

Loves: Family (wife Cree and her great kids, Dusty, Casey, and Lili) – cat (Hans) – food, both cooking and eating it – burning off the food with exercise – trees, rain, birds feeding their babies – dark lagers and light roast coffee – books to inform, challenge, or calm me.

Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell

Content Writer

“I’m encouraged to broaden my approach to content at Winbound. By combining analysis with creativity, the writing speaks to the issues audiences care about. I love being part of a team that finds and solves those real-world problems.

The opportunity to learn new things keeps me going. Building a relationship with each client means we work on the content together. It’s fascinating and a welcome challenge that I love doing.”

Loves: My Kiwi-American family (two young-adult children, a variety of cats and dogs (present and past), and a wonderful husband of 23+ years) – hiking, walking and running outdoors – being entertained (books, movies, live performances, and great TV!) – a bold red wine – a great joke!

Rulena Guenther

Digital Production Specialist

“Knowing we help our clients help their customers is very rewarding. It’s not about having a product to sell, it’s about building relationships and creating solutions to fulfill needs.”

Loves: Husband Jon and children Caleb and Katelyn – sports (especially playing football, running, and anything my kids are participating in) – playing piano – reading Dorothea Benton Frank novels – reality TV – traveling.

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