How We Helped Wick Buildings Increase Traffic by 456% and Generate 2 Quality Leads Per Day

Wick Buildings reached out to Winbound for help with their Internet marketing, as they lacked the internal resources required to deliver a sustained, successful approach.  In response, we quadrupled their traffic and delivered a steady stream of quality leads. 

Wick Buildings is one of the largest producers of post-frame buildings in the country. These buildings have wide-open floor spans and have broad application ranging from homes to equipment storage, mechanical shops to light manufacturing and horse barns to livestock facilities.  

These unique structures appeal to customers searching for a building solution that’s historically been on the outskirts of general construction services but becoming more mainstream. That’s why strategic, keyword-driven web content is especially important for Wick Buildings.  Unfortunately, demand exceeded supply.


Bret Buelo

Bret Buelo, Marketing Director, Wick Buildings

Challenge: How to strengthen web presence and create audience-specific content with a one-person marketing team

With more than 75,000 structures sold since it began in 1954, Wick knows the art and science of designing, manufacturing and constructing customized post-frame buildings as well as anyone. 

But given the limited in-house resources of a one-person marketing team, the company needed to find a partner who could help generate strategic web content to reach their target audience.

We had a one-person marketing department, which was myself, and we had about 50 things we needed to do to improve our web presence.

Bret Buelo

Wick Buildings

Bret had worked with a number of advertising agencies in the past.  But they needed someone who could tell their unique story in a manner that captured their commitment to quality.  They also needed an approach that optimized their website content for SEO.

Solution: Using Winbound’s content marketing strategy to produce engaging, keyword-driven content throughout the customer journey

Five years ago, Wick’s sole marketing staff member, Bret Buelo, reached out to Winbound because our services are tailor-made for small manufacturing marketing departments.  

He needed a content-driven approach that addressed each stage of the customer journey — from informational copy at the top of the funnel, all the way to optimized landing pages built around their various types of building.

Bret is a numbers guy, so he wanted results he could share with his management team.  It wasn’t enough to post content:  Bret needed to drive leads for their network of builders, and bottom-line results for his management team. 

Results: Web traffic increased by 456%, generating about two high-quality leads every day for the last 5 years

Winbound got to work, building keyword-driven content and optimizing the website.  The results were exactly what Bret was looking for:

Web traffic. Since using the content marketing services of Winbound, Wick Buildings has experienced a 456% increase in monthly organic traffic — from about 7,500 monthly web visitors to 42,000.

Lead generation. That organic traffic has generated nearly 3,500 leads. This equates to about two high quality leads — i.e., leads that WANT to talk to Wick —  every day for the last 5 years.

Keyword ranking. The company has also seen a 284% increase for keywords ranked on page one of Google searches — PLUS a 200% increase in positions ranked 1 to 3.

Benefits beyond the numbers

Bret also says having Winbound as a partner means knowing he has the marketing capabilities and capacity that Wick needs.

I personally have learned a lot over the last five years of working with Winbound. And I’ve come to rely on Winbound as a very strong partner to find the people we need to reach.

Bret Buelo

Wick Buildings

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