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How POV Solution Increased Targeted Web Traffic and Generated a 35% Jump in Sales

POV Solution reached out to Winbound for assistance with their digital marketing efforts. In response, we’ve helped them grow their brand exposure, drive traffic to their website, and, more specifically, increase sales by 35 percent for a signature niche product.

POV Solution focuses on giving customers a marketplace edge by providing innovative print capabilities at a more affordable price. This not only helps the company meet the evolving needs of customers—it sets them apart from competitors. 

But how do you market those strengths? As company president Chris Yuhasz will tell you, word of mouth will only get you so far. “You gotta get customers to your website through smart marketing efforts,” he says, “and those efforts have to be measurable.”

Unfortunately, the company lacked the internal resources to do that. 

Challenge: How to implement effective and measurable digital marketing efforts

For several years, POV Solution attempted to improve its web presence by using the help of what Chris describes as “friends, freelancers, and one-man bands.” But that approach came with big shortcomings:


  • The marketing efforts lacked focus, were done inconsistently, and had no real strategy behind them.
  • Individual contractors brought narrow skill sets rather than a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing.
  • There were no tools in place to help measure success, evaluate the ROI, and formulate a sensible marketing budget.
You can’t contract with one person who’s an expert on the whole shooting match. And we couldn’t afford a team of marketing employees.
Chris Yuhasz

POV Solution

The company decided they needed a focused, sustainable effort. And that would require a new approach—and a new partner.

Solution: A content marketing strategy that focused on a niche product and target market

When POV Solution approached Winbound for digital marketing support, the company was in the midst of expanding a number of niche print capabilities, and investing a lot in the process.

For example, POV was making it easier to produce a complex printed item known as a self-mailer brochure—just the kind of piece that nonprofit organizations can benefit from. And POV’s efforts meant that it was now more affordable than ever.

While POV was expanding their capabilities, Winbound recommended narrowing their content focus to the nonprofit sector. This would enable them to create razor-sharp messaging for the self-mailer product. The tactical approach included:

  • Developing a keyword-rich product web page to boost search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Building a relationship with a popular nonprofit industry website and then guest blogging on the site to reach the target audience.
  • Generating inbound links to the product web page, which in turn helped SEO rankings for the product.

Results: Targeted content drives more visits to product web page and increases product sales

This targeted content marketing approach helped POV Solution focus their efforts and yielded measurable results like the following:

Web traffic surge. Once the guest blog content was published, company website traffic spiked dramatically (see below).

Sustained traffic increase to product web page. Over the course of four months, more than half of all traffic to the self-mailer brochure product page came from one particular guest post’s inbound links (see below).

Guest post brought in more than half of all traffic to product page.
A win-win in terms of page views. According to editor-in-chief Nhu Te from NonProfit PRO, the host for POV Solution’s guest blog content, the aforementioned post had 1,100 page views. “Compared to our average, this [post] has done extraordinarily well,” says Nhu.

Website goal completions. The content published as a guest blog post not only increased company website traffic; it was responsible for a significant percentage of all website goal completions (see below).

The content published was responsible for a significant percentage of all website goal completions.
Sales increase. Since POV Solution began its strategic guest blogging, sales for the self-mailer brochure product have gone up about 35%, according to Chris. He has the results the company is looking for.
The guest blog posts are getting noticed and getting read. And that translates to traffic to our website, to the phone ringing, and to more sales.
Chris Yuhasz

POV Solution

Benefits for the long haul include improved brand awareness

In just over two years of working with Winbound, Chris says, “We’re light years ahead of our competition when it comes to creating a strong digital presence.”

He also says the marketing content they’re producing is helping to raise the stature of POV Solution.

Our brand awareness is going up. We’re getting recognized more and more on a national level. And we’re being seen as an authority on a lot of cutting-edge print capabilities. I know that has a lot to do with the content Winbound is helping us produce.
Chris Yuhasz

POV Solution

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